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. Movies let us travel to past, future and anywhere in between. Dive into the world of movies and movie stars via words of our valuable bloggers.

Deepwater Horizon (2016) - A look into the life offshore?
Deepwater Horizon: Most think, offshore staff earn good money, but you never get to feel the risk involved, before actually stepping on the platform.
Is Friends coming back? Yes and No. Not for another season.
Is friends coming back? Yes and No. Characters of the most awaited series will come together for a two hour show.
Black Oscar Stats - 88th Oscar Awards and Black History Month
This year's Oscar Awards got heavily discussed prior to the event, as there were no black Oscar nominees just like last year.
Black History Month and Malcolm X
Malcolm X is an important figure that made a lot of changes and Black History Month possible.
What did Leonardo do to get an Oscar?
Leonardo did quite a lot in the movie 'The Revenant' and by that we mean a huge lot. Let us talk about what he had to go through in short.

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