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. They say "Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live in", so we've devoted major portion of posts to this topic. Read on and you'll surely find something valuable.

Pain in lower right abdomen - It might be very serious
Pain in lower right abdomen is frequently sign of inflammation of appendix. The symptoms usually get worse between 6-24 hours and might even be fatal!
Lower back pain - Don't let life ruin your body or vice versa
Most people ignore lower back pains thinking they will be okay soon. However, it is essential to take lower back pain seriously.
Male Menopause - What is it? Is it real? Potential symptoms.
Male Menopause: There is still a debate among experts, discussing whether or not men have a period similar to female menopause.
Lower Left Abdominal Pain: Potential causes of discomfort
The article reveals common causes of lower left abdominal pain, that include intestinal disorders, kidney and urinary tract disorders, ovary pain and etc.
Menopause and Hypertension - Definition, Symptoms, Management
Menopause and Hypertension: Millions of women are affected by high blood pressure post menopause, but what causes hypertension?

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