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So what is Everyday AJ about?


Time is money. That's why main mission of Everyday AJ is to help you make most of your time. All of our articles are well researched and will save a couple of tonnes of time and nerves.


Internet is full of useless information, making valuable ones harder to find. We faced the same problem ourselves, googled, yahood, yandexed around, trying to find anything that could be of some use. If you've come to Everyday AJ, stay calm and relax. We've done a huge amount of hard work for you.


We are humans too and we too face (almost) the same problems like you do. Now that we have already gone through the hard work of finding a way to resolve some of these, we want to share findings.

Still in the makings

Everyday AJ is being built to serve you. We are testing out a couple of concepts, trying to deliver value to people like us, going around the internet, in search of something valuable. As the project goes on and we learn more and more, we will have more of both quantity and quality. In the due time, please let us know your feedback, so that we can adapt and adjust.

Closed Beta

Currently we are in Closed Beta, registration is by invitation only. (As already expressed) we are looking forward to working with other authors as well in the future.

Note: Unless specified otherwise, all content on this website is copyrighted. All photo materials used either belong to the author of the article, or has to have proper attribution. If your content has been used without your permission, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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