Deepwater Horizon (2016) - A look into the life offshore?

For most people out there, offshore staff earn good money working on the platform. But you never get to feel the risk involved, before actually stepping on the platform.

I don't want to dramatize the whole oil rig business, but after every arrival, when the first thing you hear from Offshore Installation Manager is "My first priority is to get everybody on the platform back to their beloved ones in one piece", you know you have to be very careful, welcome to the risky world of oil and gas.

My condolences to all who lost members of their family, colleagues, friends or relatives in the incident. Our prayers are with those who didn't go back from their trip to Deepwater Horizon. Although neither the fines (major portion incurred to BP in the order of 54 billion USD), nor the movie can bring those lost souls back, I hope it will shed light into the incident, honour heroes involved (living and dead) and educate everyone of risks of Oil and Gas business.

A detailed analysis of the incident can be found in NYTimes article.

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