Male Menopause - What is it? Is it real? Potential symptoms.

Hormone levels change as both men and women age. For women, it is quite drastic and this period, when hormone production stops all together, is termed as the menopause. However, the male body gradually reduces the production of sex hormones as well. Testosterone levels start to decline for most men as early as 30 years of age. It is said to decrease one percent each year after the age of 30. At around 70, the levels change at a striking rate for some, while a few might not experience any changes even until their 80s.

Male Menopause - What is it? Is it real? Male menopause symptoms.

These changes are a part of the natural process of ageing. However, the male body does not run out of the substance required to make testosterone, and there is still a debate among experts regarding male menopause. They are not quite sure whether or not men have a definite period in which they suffer from similar symptoms as the female menopause. Doctors use terms like “andropause”, testosterone deficiency syndrome, androgen deficiency in the aging male, and late-onset male hypogonadism. All of them referring to the same phenomenon of decreasing the availability of testosterone as men grow older.

Male menopause symptoms

People suffering from this are said to experience fatigue, weakness and depression besides other sexual problems. It is also said to disturb sleep patterns. The body might undergo some physical changes like gaining weight and losing muscle strength. However, it still can’t be said with certainty if these are actually due to the decline in the production of male hormones. There could be many other factors causing these physical and emotional changes. These could be caused by thyroid problems, over use of alcohol or side effects of medicine among others. The lower levels of testosterone can also be due to conditions like diabetes. These can be treated, and hormone levels will usually return to their normal levels once they are.

You must visit your doctor if you feel you are experiencing these signs and symptoms. The doctor will mostly ask you to get your blood tested so that they may evaluate all the possibilities. For the diagnosis of male menopause the doctor may perform a physical exam and probably recommend you several other diagnostic tests to rule out other possibilities. One of them will be a blood test, measuring the testosterone level.

Welcome to Menopause lane

Remember to always be honest with your doctor. It will help you and them too. Do not hide important information regarding sexual issues. It will make their job easier, and you will be treated sooner. Try to eat healthily and make the physical activity of any form an essential part of your day. The significance of regular physical activity increases as you age. You will certainly feel better and stronger. It has its effects on feelings of sadness and depression as well.

Besides other medications, there is also testosterone replacement therapy. It is said to relieve a few symptoms, but it has its own share of risks. It increases the possibility of heart diseases, prostate cancer, and other medical complications. Make sure to consult with your doctor before you decide to go in for the treatment.

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