Is Friends coming back? Yes and No. Not for another season.

Fans are awaiting one of the most watched series in the USA, Friends coming back for 2 hour long spectacular show. A short info for those who are unaware about "Friends" series:

The series

The show that span 10 seasons and had 236 episodes, were started in 1994. Events were taking place in New York and was about 3 male and 3 female friends in their twenties. Monica and Ross are siblings. Monica is a chef, while Ross is a palaeontologist. Rachel is Monica's school friend and Ross has been in love with her since childhood. She is working in Ralph Lauren. Chandler is Ross's school friend and works as data scientist in a company. Joe is Chandler's house mate and is an artist. Phoebe lives with her grandmother (till her death) and after a couple of events moves in with Rachel. The last episode of the series (aired on 6th of May 2004) was watched 51.1 million and this made it the most watched episode in the world. It was nominated for Prime-time Emmy Awards 63 times and won Golden Globe Award once.

The show

According to info from NBC, to celebrate 75th birthday of the director of initial series - James Burrow, characters will gather for a show. 2 hour show is expected to consist of sketches from the initial series, potentially by all six of David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry. That being said, whether or not all of them will be there is under question. It is known that Chandler is unlikely to attend in person, as he needs to be in London and may attend via Skype. I have to add that "Friends" is not the only series to be aired during that show, instead we expect crews of "Taxi", "Cheers", "Frasier" and "Will & Grace" to be there and play some part. The show is expected to be aired either on 21st of February.

So, to finalize it all, is friends coming back? No. But surely the show is awaited and will be watched by millions of fans all around the globe.

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