Black Oscar Stats - 88th Oscar Awards and Black History Month

This year's Oscar Awards were heavily discussed being the second in row of not having any black nominees. Perhaps it is more ironic that the event is actually taking place during the Black History Month. A lot of conversations, researches tried to shed light into the issue and find a way forward. For example, in the following chart produced by the Economist, author tried to portray condition of racial distribution among Oscar nominees between 2007 and 2013.

If we try to compare number of black Oscar recipients since 1995 to the overall population of USA, we will get following results:

  • Best Supporting Actress – 20%

  • Best Supporting Actor – 10%

  • Best Actress – 5%

  • Best Actor – 15%

Of course, we need to take into account the fact that not all actors (nominated for Oscars) are American and as such, comparisons mentioned above may or may not be deemed indicative of any issues rooted in Oscars. This may as well be indication of how interested and capable blacks are in acting. Even if so, Latino and Asian actors are subject to much severe discrimination, than black people. One way or another, we may expect some opportunities for black actors in coming years (5 year plan, as some put it), but definitely not this.

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